aqua block jel

The aqua block gel, which is used to waterproof fabrics, prevents the liquid permeability of the product in rainy weather or activities that require water contact and protects the designs. Thus, both in outdoor activities and indoors, the designs maintain their vitality and longevity.

How Do Fabrics Become Waterproof?

With Cadence aqua block gel, many fabric items such as tablecloths, placemats, aprons, shoe wallets, umbrellas and tote bags that are frequently used at home can be made waterproof.

In addition, the fabrics of outdoor furniture can be coated with aqua gel to make them waterproof. Fabric products with transfer and dyeing design or clothes to be used in the rain can be made water repellent. For example, jackets or jeans can be dyed with fabric dyes and aqua gel can be applied on them after the design is made.

Aqua block gel is especially used on embossed fabric products such as suede, nubuck and towels.

For waterproofing frequently used fabrics:

  1. After cleaning the surface of the fabric, apply the ready gel directly on the upper surface of the product with a brush or spatula.
  2. The first coat should dry for 30-60 minutes.
  3. The dried fabric is ironed in reverse satin setting after 24 hours.
  4. For longevity, it should be hand washed or machine washed at 300 degrees.

What are the Features of Cadence Aqua Block Fabric Coating Gel?

  • Aqua block is a water-based gel that makes the fabric waterproof and machine washable.
  • When dry, it creates a waxy texture and provides water resistance.
  • The product is applied directly to the top of the fabric. The process is completed by reverse ironing in satin setting.
  • Since the product is for protection, aqua gel can be used after completing and drying your painting or design processes.
  • Waterproof fabric coating gel prevents textile products from sticking on the product even if they come into contact with water, mud and oil. It also increases the resistance of the fabric against abrasion.
  • After application, the fabric becomes a waxy texture.
  • Since it cuts contact with air, it may sweat.
  • After using the gel, the fabric can be cut and sewn.

Application of Fabric Coating Gel to Cloth Shoes

Cadence’s aqua block gel product keeps the patterns and motifs on cloth shoes alive. Shoes that are not sure to be waterproof according to the seasonal characteristics can be made water and stain resistant with Cadence’s gel.

  • The aqua gel is applied on the designed cloth shoes with the help of a brush.
  • After waiting 30-60 minutes after the application, it is dried, fixed by ironing from the inside of the shoe or a hot blow dryer is applied to the inside.