Aqua Block Coat Water Repellent & Oil Coated Fabric Effect Gel

Aqua Block Coat Water Repellent & Oil Coated Fabric Effect Gel

It is a water-based gel that makes the fabric it is applied to waterproof and machine washable. When dry, it creates an oily texture and makes the fabric hydrophobic and water resistant. Ironed on satin setting, without steam, backwards.

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Waterbased gel that transforms the fabric into a coated, waterproof and machine washable fabric. When it dries, it creates an oil cloth feel, hydrophobic coat and makes fabric water resistant. Iron on satin setting, without steam, from reverse. Once treated, the fabric can be sewn, cut and cleaned. It possesses a great resistance to wear and is machine washable at 30°C. It is great for table runners, umbrellas, purses, aprons, placemats and tote bags. Gel coating repels water, mud and oils from your textiles. Non toxic. Certified by EN 71 & CE.


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