doğal pas efekti boyası

Cadence natural rust effect paint transforms designs by giving them the appearance of real rust thanks to the real iron particles it contains. Painted objects gain an aged and rusted metal appearance.

Cadence Createx Rust Effect and Features

Rust color is a mixture of red-orange-brown colors caused by the oxidation of iron. Cadence Createx series is used to achieve this color and give this effect to objects.

  • Natural rust effect is only a brown color if applied alone. However, when applied with activator, rust appearance is obtained.
  • It does not contain substances harmful to health.
  • It is a water-based paint.
  • Complies with CE and EN-71 norms and standards.

How to Apply Rich Texture with Createx?

Rust effect paint aims to add texture and dimension to objects. A flat or bumper brush is used during application. Application is done by taking plenty of paint on the brush. Thanks to the rust activator, the desired image is achieved in one coat.

Rust paint is applied to polyester, wood, wall and all kinds of objects used for decorative purposes.

What is Rust Powder?

Cadence Createx rust powder product is an iron powder that is sprinkled on the rust paint immediately after it is wet. This product gives the surface a realistic rusty appearance both visually and to the touch. 

What are the Tricks in Rust Activator Applications?

Rust activator, when used with rust effect paint, quickly gives the object a rusty appearance. Cadence Createx natural rust effect activator is in spray form. It is recommended to be used outdoors to achieve a realistic rust appearance.

How to Apply Natural Rust Effect?

There are three products in the Cadence Createx product group: natural rust effect paint, rust powder and rust activator. Applying these products sequentially and correctly is very important for us to achieve the rusty look of our dreams.

  • Paint the object with Cadence natural rust effect paint. The paint should be evenly distributed all over the surface.
  • While the paint is wet, sprinkle Cadence Createx rust powder on the object with a brush.
  • Spray Cadence Createx rust effect activator evenly all over the surface.
  • After the application, the effects show themselves in about 2-3 hours.
  • At this stage, it is important that the object dries on its own.
  • Wait 24 hours for full results.