Our Collaborations

Cadence in the Colorful World of Omm!

Throughout December 2023-2024, Cadence offers the colors of their dreams to develop talent and creativity with Cadence Kooky paints in artistic workshops to be held in Eskişehir Odunpazarı Modern Museum.

Designed to foster curiosity and creativity, OMM's seminars and workshops encourage participants to generate ideas and projects. In addition to its goal of getting children and young people into the habit of visiting museums, OMM enables its young visitors to adopt the rules of using museums as a space that belongs to everyone, to understand the importance of recognizing and protecting cultural heritage, and to get to know different disciplines of art. Through its programs, the OMM invites its young visitors to hear and listen, to engage in an open, face-to-face dialogue in which they blend their learning with their own ideas and imagination.