rölyef pasta

It is possible to eliminate and restore the bad images that occur in wooden furniture due to breakage and wear over time.

For this purpose, the worn and broken surfaces are first cleaned, then the broken or worn parts of the furniture are covered with Cadence relief paste with the help of a spatula and the desired shape is given.

After this process, the paste is allowed to dry. After at least 12 hours, the surface on which the paste is applied is sanded and smoothed. The dust formed after sanding is removed and the surface is cleaned. After this process, the painting process is carried out with acrylic paint in the color of the furniture.

If there are unfilled or still obvious places after painting, the process is repeated once again.

What is a snag apparatus and how to use it?

The snag apparatus is a special rubber apparatus used to give objects the texture of wood and knots. In order to apply the snag technique, an object is first selected. The selected object is painted in the desired color. Then, after adding glazing medium to the color that will give the appearance of knots, the mixture is applied to the object in a thin layer. Finally, the knot tool is moved up and down on the object with wrist movements to create a knot appearance. The knot appearance can also be achieved with classic relief paste. After drying, it can be painted in the desired color.

As a result of the process, the process is finalized by removing the excess with the knot apparatus.

Transform your old wooden furniture with Cadence…

If you want to renew your old wooden objects and give them a new lease of life, the Cadence relief cake is just the thing. This original and creative process gives your old objects a unique transformation.

Cadence relief paste is a product that gives depth and a tactile appearance to wooden objects and will emphasize your decorative creativity. Stencil templates can also be used to add different patterns and shapes to objects. For example, you can decorate an antique chair with floral motifs or add natural elements to the doors of an old cabinet.

One advantage of Cadence relief pastes is that they cover the items with a protective layer of wood, thus increasing their durability and making them long-lasting. In addition, this recycling process allows you to recycle your old furniture in an environmentally friendly way, so you can live a sustainable lifestyle.

As a result, you can recreate your old wooden furniture and all the walls, canvases and decorative items in your living space and transform them with Cadence reliefs. You can not only renew them, but also extend their lifespan by preserving their history and past. With this method, you can proudly display your objects that turn into works of art in your home.

With Cadence relief paste, you can make many applications ranging from decoration to transforming old wooden objects. Thus, you can give an original design touch with these works and contribute to sustainability.