Cadence acrylic paints are water-based paints that can be applied to all surfaces, can be used without sanding, easily adhere to the surface, contribute to recycling and are used in renovation works. These paints with a wide range of colors are odorless and do not contain toxic substances that harm health.

Renew Your Outdoor Furniture with Cadence Acrylic Paint

With Cadence Hybrid Multisurface paint, tables and chairs used in the garden can be painted in desired colors and transformed. This paint is a semi-matte acrylic water-based paint developed for the craft industry, which can easily adhere to any surface. It can be used indoors and outdoors, on surfaces such as wood, plastic, glass, metal, polyester, ceramic, fabric.

Before the renovation process, if the tables and chairs are wooden, the painting process can be started directly with Cadence Hybrid Multisurface paint. If the tables and chairs are made of plastic material, Cadence plastic primer is first applied to the surface and then the painting process is started in order to better adhere the paint to the surface and to prevent the paint from lifting from the surface.

Before starting any kind of painting process, it should be ensured that the surface to be painted is clean and free of dust so that the paint can easily adhere to the surface and ossify. The paint does not need to be diluted in furniture painting. In the painting process, a roller is used for large surfaces and a silk-tipped brush is used for finely detailed surfaces.

How to Design Flower Pots with Cadence Acrylic Paint?

If the pots to be painted are plastic, as mentioned above, first the surface is made paintable with Cadence plastic primer and then painting is done with the selected color. The painting process is finished by using the brush in one direction in the top coat painting.

To decorate the flower pot with various patterns, Cadence’s ready-made stencil templates can be painted in the desired color and applied or ready-made transfer paper patterns can be pasted. After 24 hours, when the paint is completely dry, varnishing is applied.

Renewing Decorative Objects with Cadence Acrylic Paint

With a color selected from the wide range of colors of Cadence Hybrid Multisurface paints, broken but unused materials can be painted, and you can turn them into a decorative object by making patterns with stencil templates.