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Today, individuals prefer acrylic paints to redesign their existing fabric, glass, wood products with a sustainable world understanding and to achieve a vintage look. Fabric products (bags, skirts, t-shirts, etc.) that you don’t use but can’t bear to throw away can be recreated with Cadence fabric paint. From sewing projects to clothing designs, from home decoration to accessories, this paint series makes your dreams come true. You can enjoy creating unique pieces by dyeing your fabrics in the colors and patterns you want with Cadence.

Features of Cadence Fabric Dyes

Cadence fabric dyes are dyes that you can use to redesign the fabric products you have and bring your decoration ideas to life. Available in different colors, these dyes create a permanent effect on the fabric and retain their colors even after washing. The properties of these dyes vary according to their types. Types and properties of Cadence fabric dyes that you can color your designs by pushing the limits of creativity:

  1. Cadence Style Matte Fabric Paint: This product in the Style matte series is specially produced for fabric surfaces. Suitable for brush, roller or hand painting. It has a covering feature. It is also an opaque product.
  2. Cadence Dora Textile Dyes: It is a type of paint with high coverage and pearlescent ratio. It is one of the acrylic dyes that will add sparkle to fabrics. It has a wide variety of colors. It can be applied to fabrics with brush, roller, etc. materials.
  3. Cadence Fabric Hi-Lite Magic: Water-based special metallic paints that offer 6 color options that can be applied on fabric. Suitable for brush, roller and hand painting. Unique results are achieved by adding sparkle to the designs due to the sparkle that occurs during application. The effect of the paint shows itself more clearly on a black background.
  4. Cadence Your Fashion Spray: It is an odorless, highly pigmented, opaque and metallic water-based spray paint with high coverage. It can be applied with spray nozzles or it can also be applied on the fabric by using sunken work or brush and roller materials.
  5. Cadence Your Fashion Shine Spray Metallic Fabric Paint: It is a type of water-based fabric paint in spray form. It can be used in techniques such as stencil and batik. It can be used together with Your Fashion Spray fabric paint. You can mix different colors with each other while doing gradient work.
  6. Hologram Glitter Fabric Paint: It is a fabric dye with hologram effect. It allows you to get a unique image on a black background.
  7. Cadence Shake And Gilt: It is in the glitter fabric dye group. It offers 4 different color varieties to users and also has a glitter enhancing feature.
  8. Cadence Marbling Effect Spray: It can be used on surfaces such as fabric, wood, glass, etc. It allows to create marble-like images on the fabric.
  9. Cadence Textile Crackle: It is a type of paint used to obtain a crackle image on the fabric. 2-step natural protection is recommended to obtain a better quality image.
  10. Cadence Fabric Glow in the Dark: It provides glow in the dark on the applied fabric. It is a type of paint that offers 5 different color options that can reflect the lights it collects during the day in the dark.