Vernik kullanımı

The use of varnish gives your furniture and woodwork an excellent shine and protection. In this blog, we will discover the tricks and techniques of applying varnish.


  1. Water Based Acrylic Varnishes: It is applied in two coats at 24 hours intervals for protection in all techniques except cracking techniques. All water-based acrylic varnishes of Cadence are waterproof and can be easily wiped with a wet cloth. Like all varnishes and paints of Cadence, it complies with CE&EN71 norms and does not contain substances harmful to health. There are matte, semi-matte and glossy varieties according to their glossiness.
  2. Style Matt Velvety Touch – Style Matt Velvet Varnish: Style Matt Velvety Touch velvety varnish should be your first choice to protect the ultra-matte velvety texture of the product on your furniture that you have renewed with Very Chalky Home Decor. It is used in two coats. Due to its velvety structure, it is recommended to sand between coats on the applied surfaces. Sanding between coats ensures the formation of velvet texture on the surface.
  3. Silvery Varnishes: There are two types: gold and silver. These varnishes can be used on all surfaces painted with paints such as Style Matt, Premium, Very Chalky, Hybrid.
  4. Ultimate Glaze Glaze Varnish: It has a food compatibility certificate. It can be used on food contact surfaces such as glass and ceramic where Hybrid Multisurface paint is applied. Since it is thick, it is applied in one coat, applied with a brush and leaves no traces.
  5. Aqua Stone – Stone Varnish: For heavily used surfaces, it is recommended to apply two coats at 24 hour intervals. It has a food compatibility certificate and can be used on food contact surfaces such as glass and ceramics where Hybrid Multisurface paint is applied. Although the drying time after application is 24 hours, the ossification period is 21 days, it is necessary to prevent it from being hit and not to expose it to water for 21 days.
  6. Leather Varnish: It can be applied with a sponge or brush and it is recommended to apply two coats. It protects the leather surface against impacts, gives a water-resistant coating and a glossy appearance. It is flexible and does not crack or peel.


  1. Spray Varnish: Shake the can well before application and spray on the surface from a distance of 30 cm. Provides high protection on the applied surface. It is recommended to apply at least two coats and it is sufficient to wait 30 minutes between coats.
  2. Foil Varnish: Can be easily applied with a brush.
  3. Shellac Varnish: It is applied to the surface with a soft cloth. Can be used on all raw wood surfaces.
  4. Yacht Varnish: It is recommended to shake first and apply two coats with a brush. If needed, it can be thinned with 5% – 10% synthetic thinner.


All variants of this varnish consist of two components, the components are mixed homogeneously in equal amounts and thoroughly mixed. Before mixing, the tubes should be heated from the outside with a blow dryer. Then pour both components into a glass jar, mix for 3-4 minutes and apply without waiting too long. For all resin varnishes, you can use a high heat lighter to prevent air bubbles.

1st Face Coat Varnish: You can create a thick layer of glass by pouring it on the surface from a single point. It is not a product applied with a brush. It is a transparent, shiny, non-yellowing product.

  1. Crystal Glaze Varnish: You can use a brush for application. It should be used within 20 minutes and since it is extra thick, it is sufficient to use one coat.
  2. Resin Art Special Transparent Resin Kit: The application area is quite wide. If you want, you can color it by dropping a drop of acrylic paints of your choice into it. You can create artistic works or you can take the surfaces you want under high protection by using its dense varnish.