kumaş boyası uygulaması
  1. Non-synthetic fabrics with high cotton content should be preferred. Alpaca, denim etc. fabrics can be used.
  2. Before starting fabric dye application, the dye should be tested on the edge or a small piece of the fabric to be applied. If the dye applied to the fabric disperses or hardens, it is revealed that the fabric used is not suitable. (Dyeing on fabrics such as velvet, thai feather, etc. is not recommended due to fabric properties).
  3. The surface must be moisturized before dyeing.
  4. One day after dyeing, the fabric surface should be ironed from the reverse side for about 4 minutes. Ironing without steam replaces varnish in fabric dyeing application. If the dyed surface cannot be ironed from the reverse side, this can be done with the help of a blow dryer.

Application Ideas for Fabric Surfaces with Cadence

Pillow Covers: You can use Cadence fabric dyes to spice up an ordinary pillowcase or bring to life different designs that reflect you. You can add a personal touch to your pillows by creating patterns, stripes or geometric shapes.

T-shirt Designs: You can use Cadence fabric dyes to revitalize an old t-shirt. By creating original patterns or prints, you can create a unique and trendy piece.

Bag Decorations: You can use Cadence fabric dyes to add color to an ordinary bag. You can create an original piece by applying the patterns or decorations you want on the bag.

Baby Clothes: You can use Cadence fabric dyes to make cute clothes for babies. You can add a personal touch to baby clothes with soft colors and cute patterns.

Cadence fabric paint application offers an option that will significantly facilitate your creative process while coloring your designs. Available in brush, roller, sponge or hand-painted form, these paints appeal to everyone from seven to seventy, allowing you to bring your favorite fabric items back to life. This high-quality dye brand brings your fabrics to life with its rich and vibrant colors while providing durability. The wide range of colors of fabric dyes allows you to revive your designs with different shades and express yourself. The products you design with these dyes will attract attention with their vibrancy and aesthetics, while at the same time being suitable for long-term use with their durability.