vernik çeşitleri

Cadence varnish types are classified according to their area of use. There are water-based acrylic varnishes, solvent-based varnishes and two-component resin varnishes, which have many sub-types.


  1. Water Based Acrylic Varnishes: These are water-based varnishes that provide high quality protection. All Cadence’s water-based acrylic varnishes are waterproof and can be easily wiped with a wet cloth. Like all varnishes and paints of Cadence, they comply with CE&EN71 norms and do not contain substances harmful to health. There are matte, semi-matte and glossy types according to their glossiness.
  • Matte Acrylic Varnish: It is used on matte paints. It gives a matt appearance to the applied surface.
  • Semi-Matt Acrylic Varnish: It gives a slightly brighter appearance than matte varnish.
  • Glossy Acrylic Varnish: It gives a more glossy appearance than matte and semi-matte varnish.
  1. Style Matt Velvety Touch – Style Matt Velvet Varnish: It is a water-based velvet textured matt varnish used on surfaces painted with Style Matt and Very Chalky paints. Style Matt Velvety Touch velvety varnish should be your first choice to protect the ultra-matte velvety texture of the product on your furniture that you have renewed with Very Chalky Home Decor.
  2. Glitter Varnishes: There are two types: gold and silver. It provides both varnish protection on the applied surface and gives shine with the glitters inside. These varnishes can be used on all surfaces painted with paints such as Style Matt, Premium, Very Chalky, Hybrid.
  3. Ultimate Glaze Glaze Varnish: It is a very thick, glossy, semi-matte and matte varnish that provides high protection on furniture transformed with Hybrid Multisurface. It has a food compatibility certificate. Hybrid Multisurface can be used on food contact surfaces such as glass and ceramics.
  4. Aqua Stone – Stone Varnish: It is a homogeneous water-based varnish specially formulated for surfaces such as tiles, tiles, ceramics, white goods such as dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, balconies and gardens that are intensively used and exposed to water. It has a food compatibility certificate and can be used on food contact surfaces such as glass and ceramic where Hybrid Multisurface paint is applied.
  5. Leather Varnish: Water-based varnish for use on all smooth leather surfaces. It can be used on all kinds of leather surfaces and extends the life of the leather. It is flexible and does not crack or peel.


  1. Spray Varnish: Available in matt and glossy varieties. It provides easy use with its spray head on wood, MDF, stone, polyester, metal, ceramic and all kinds of surfaces.
  2. Foil Varnish: It makes your varnishes shiny and does not tarnish like other varnishes.
  3. Shellac Varnish: It is a yellow brown natural resin that makes the objects it is applied to antique. It renews aged wood.
  4. Yacht Varnish: Solvent-based varnish resistant to high humidity. Available in glossy, semi-matte and matte finishes.


All types of this varnish consist of two components, the components are mixed homogeneously in equal amounts and thoroughly mixed.

  1. Face Coat Varnish: It is a special product that is resistant to high temperatures (max. 130°C), can be used on all types of surfaces (except polyethylene) and materials, odorless, non-scratching, high gloss, equivalent to 100 coats of varnish.
  2. Crystal Glaze Varnish: It is a special product that gives a glazed appearance to the object to which it is applied.
  3. Resin Art Special Transparent Resin Kit: It is a durable, thick and glossy resin designed to be used on all types of surfaces, non-yellowing, scratch resistant, durable, thick and glossy.