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Tiles in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and terraces become outdated, old and dirty over time. Old tiles can be painted and renewed economically without the need for renovation work at home.

The most common question about painting kitchen and bathroom tiles is whether the paint will last long in these areas that will constantly receive water. In Cadence’s Ambiante product, useful and durable results can be obtained by following the waiting time and tricks. At the same time, bathroom furniture can be renewed with Hybrid Multisurface.

For Wet Floors: Ambiante Water Resist Matte Acrylic Paint

Ambiante Water Resist Matte Acrylic Wet Floor Paint is a long-lasting, stain-resistant, nano technological formula wet floor paint with high adhesion power. It is used on all wet floors such as tiles, ceramics, sinks, bathtubs, bathroom and kitchen countertops. By adding paint catalyst to the paint, water resistance is increased and the painted surface becomes resistant to water, impacts and scratches.

In addition to the aesthetic appearance offered by its magnificent colors, it also provides a non-slip and easy-to-clean surface. Like all Cadence products, it does not contain toxic substances and is not harmful to health. It complies with CE & EN-71 norms.

Step-by-step painting process with Ambiante Wet Floor Paint, which produces spectacular results on wet floors such as tiles, ceramics, sinks, bathtubs, bathrooms and kitchen countertops:

  1. Clean the surface to be painted from dirt, detergent-soap residues, oil and dust.
  2. Take the paint into the dyeing container, add 1 (10 ml) catalyst dye for 250 ml of paint.
  3. Mix the added catalyst and dye homogeneously.
  4. For large surfaces, painting can be done with a velvet roller brush.
  5. After loading the roller with paint and discarding the excess, start painting.
  6. As in every painting, painting should be done with its own weight without pressing the roller.
  7. After the paint is distributed on the surface, it is ensured that the paint is well spread and settled on the surface by combing the empty roller with its own weight in one direction.
  8. Wait 4-6 hours before proceeding to the next layer of the painting process.
  9. If desired, solid color or stencil application can be made.
  10. No varnish is needed. If you want to apply varnish, 250 ml of stone varnish can be applied by adding 1 (10 ml) catalyst. The ossification period of the applied stone varnish is 21 days.
  11. Avoid contact with water for the first 2 days after application and use carefully for 10 days.

After renovating the kitchen and bathroom with Ambiante, the cabinets and furniture can be matched with Hybrid Multisurface.