Cadence Hybrid Multisurface

Ambiante is the right choice for all surfaces in direct contact with water. It is possible to renew kitchen cabinets and bathroom furniture with Cadence Hybrid Multisurface paint.

The most important detail to be considered here is to wait 1 day between coats when painting wall tiles.

Another important detail is that the surface to be painted should be completely clean and free of detergent, soap residue, dust, etc. as in all painting.

After cleaning the surface to be painted, the renovation process can be started by following the steps below:

  • Shake the paint well before starting the painting process.
  • The amount of paint to be used is taken into the painting container and the painting process is started after loading the paint on the roller and discarding the excess.
  • The painting process is done by moving the roller with its own weight without pressing. Painting by pressing causes bubbles to form on the surface. When such an image is formed, the painting process can be continued by making a fine correction as if dusting with a sponge sandpaper.
  • It is very normal to have fluctuations in the first coat and not to cover the floor. This situation improves in other coats. Generally 2 coats are sufficient for dark colors and 3 coats for light colors.
  • Do the painting process until the paint on the roller is finished. When the paint is finished, the roller is dipped into the paint again and the painting process is continued.
  • The second coat can be applied 1 day after the first coat. Stencil work can be done on the renewed tiles 1 day after the last coat of painting is finished.
  • Ultimate Glaze Glaze Varnish can be applied 1 day after the painting process is finished and the paint is completely dry.

Tips to Give a Marble Look to Paint

With Cadence Hybrid Multisurface, you can easily paint on ceramic, polyester, tile, raw wood, MDF and all craft surfaces. These surfaces can then be given a real marble look with Cadence’s marble paint Marble effect spray for dazzling results.  Application steps of Marble effect spray:

  1. The application surface should be cleaned from dirt, dust and moisture as in any painting.
  2. Natural marble appearance can be given by waving the spray shaken for 3 minutes in one direction.
  3. Spraying should be done from a distance of 30-60 cm.
  4. After 15 minutes, varnishing can be done after the paint dries.