Stencil şablonlar

Stencil stencils add transformation and vibrancy to living spaces when applied with Cadence paints on furniture, accessories, walls, floors and fabrics. Cadence stencil templates offer a wide range of options.

  • Home Heritage,
  • Home Decor Collection,
  • Home Decor Midi Collection and
  • Spring can be revived on walls, furniture and accessories with the floral patterns offered by the Decorative Stencil Collection series.

Leaf and flower patterns can be selected next to bird, butterfly or other animal patterns in the M series Stencils and BN series stencil series. With this design and spring theme can be reflected.

Gift Box Making with Stencil

Making a gift box with stencil templates is quite easy and fun.


  • An empty gift box
  • Cadence paints
  • Stencil
  • Stencil painting brushes
  • Stencil spray

Preparation: The empty gift box is cleaned. The surface to be applied must be smooth.

Applying Templates: Different stencils can be used for the box surface. Color transitions can be made with different colors and more vitality can be added to the patterns.

The selected stencil is sprayed with stencil spray and then adhered to the surface of the box. Cadence paints are applied into the stencils with the help of a stencil brush. After making sure that enough paint is applied, the stencil is carefully removed.

Varnishing: After the painting process is completed, the box is left to dry for a few hours. Then the desired varnish is used to create a shiny surface on the box and protect it.

Stencil templates offer users many options. These ready-made stencils can be applied to the desired surface with the desired product in the desired amount. The important thing is to choose the Cadence product suitable for the surface to be used and to follow the correct application steps.