Cadence Style Matt mat akrilik boya serisi

Minimalism, one of today’s popular philosophical movements, is based on simplicity, simplicity and objectivity. Minimalist decoration trends have gained popularity among modern people who aim to design their homes in a simple and elegant way. With minimalism, awareness, not things, comes to the fore. With the understanding of sustainability, old, unused items are revived and decorated.

Cadence Style Matt matt acrylic paint series transforms homes by perfectly adapting to this unique decoration style. Offering rich and vibrant colors with high-quality pigments, this series gives furniture, fabrics and glassware a brand new look.

Simple and Modern: Discover The Power of Minimalism With Cadence Matt Paint

The minimalism trend, which has recently increased in popularity and is expected to be preferred among individuals for a longer period of time, also shows its effect on home decoration. Based on simplicity, minimalism enables the effective and efficient use of fewer items and the re-evaluation of existing items.

With the product quality of Cadence acrylic paints, items such as glass, wood, plastic, fabric, etc. can be redesigned, renewed, and all advanced and recycling projects can be realized.

Cadence Style Matt Matt Acrylic Paint Features

This series of Cadence acrylic paints are high quality acrylic paints with a matte velvety texture. With this feature, redecorated products have a matte velvety appearance.

  • They are water-based acrylic paints that are harmless to health in accordance with CE and N71 European standards. It has a very high coverage rate with its high quality pigment content.
  • Due to its structure, all of the different colors in the series are suitable for mixing with each other and creating new colors.
  • Due to its high quality and the fact that it does not contain substances harmful to human health, it is a type of paint that people of all ages can transfer their creative ideas to decoration.
  • It can be easily applied to surfaces with its creamy structure.

It is recommended to use Cadence Style Matt Matt Matte varnish to increase the protection of the products recycled with Cadence Style Matt matte acrylic paint series and to make their appearance more beautiful.