cadence style matt mat akrilik boya

Cadence Style Matt acrylic paint can be easily applied on canvas, wooden furniture, polyester, fabric and glass surfaces to create soft, vintage designs.

How to Apply Cadence Style Matt Matt Acrylic Paint Series?

In order to apply Cadence Style Matt acrylic paint series, the application surface should be determined and cleaned.

  • Select the desired color or colors from the wide color palette.
  • Acrylic paint is applied to the surface with the selected painting technique.
  • The brush is dipped in paint. Excess paint drops are lightly scraped off. Then it is applied to the surface.
  • Different brush strokes, layers and color combinations can be used to create the desired colors and patterns.
  • The painted surface is left to dry. Since this series is a fast drying paint, drying is achieved in a short time.
  • Cadence Style Matt Shabby Chic relief paste can be used to achieve a higher quality and protective image.
  • Varnish can be applied to make the image shiny.

Cadence Style Matt acrylic paint series stands out with its wide application area and high pigmentation and can be easily used on wood, canvas, glass, polyester and fabric surfaces. Thanks to its fast drying properties and its structure suitable for different painting techniques, it is an excellent option for those who want to create soft and vintage designs. Complementing the minimalist decoration concept, this series is ideal for those looking for elegance and modernity and will be the indispensable choice of those who want to add a sophisticated touch to their home or workplace. Realizing creative projects with Cadence Style Matt is both enjoyable and practical.