akrilik boya çeşitleri

Cadence Ambiante, Hybrid Multi Surface, Very Chalky, Very Chalky, STYLE MATT, PREMIUM, Cosmos acrylic paints are available for different areas of use to bring your designs to life in high quality. These varieties meet the needs of users with different color options and features (glossy, matte, metallic, silvery, fluorescent, pastel, variable color, neon, etc.). Acrylic paint types specially produced for fabric and glass surfaces can be used for artistic works.


  1. Natural Landscape: You can paint landscapes on canvas with pastel tones.
  2. Abstract Mixtures: By creating an abstract composition on a large canvas or wooden floor, you can create interesting abstract designs that reflect you by using different techniques (splashing, spatula, sponging, etc.) with Cadence acrylic paint types.
  3. Ceramic Painting: You can paint your ceramics using Cadence acrylic paints and turn them into works of art with stencil works.
  4. Recycling Art: As we mentioned above, you can renew your wood, fabric, glass, ceramic, plastic, etc. products that you cannot afford to throw away by using cadence paints.

Our suggestions for artistic ideas that can be made using stencil are as follows.

  1. Wall Decoration Using Stencils: After painting your wall with Cadence paint, you can add floral patterns, tree branches or abstract forms with the oversized Cadence stencil options of your choice.
  2. Create 3D Effects with Stencil: You can use stencil templates to create a layered work of art. You can create the background with Cadence acrylic paints and then overlap your stencils with different colors to create depth and 3D effect.
  3. Create Creative Cards with Stencil: You can design handmade greeting cards using Cadence acrylic paints and stencil templates. You can use stencil templates for birthday cards, thank you cards or valentine cards.

With Cadence acrylic paints, you can come up with many more ideas for both artistic and recycling projects.