Spray Paint

Spray Paint

A simple, inexpensive and practical way to breathe new life (and colour) into your living space. Offers infinite upcycling and repurposing opportunities.

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Our products contain 30% recycled materials.

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Acrylic based. It can be used on wood, metal, stone, cardboard, ceramic, polyester, mdf and all kinds of surfaces. It has fast drying feature. Easy application, high strength and colorfastness are its biggest features. Shake the can well before application. Sprayed on the surface from a distance of 30 cm. It is recommended to apply at least 2 coats. Wait 30 minutes between coats. First drying time is approximately 15 minutes. Approximately 3 m2 / can area can be painted in one coat. This quantity may vary depending on the type of surface. If there is any paint left in the can after application, the can should be turned upside down and the spray button should be pressed several times.

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You hold the power of color in your hands! With Cadence products, you can unleash your creativity, give new life to old things and reflect your own style. Remember, you just need some paint and you can do it too.