Hi-Lite Magic Metallic Fabric Paint

Hi-Lite Magic Metallic Fabric Paint

Hi-lite Magic Metallic Paints are magic metallic paints! The six colours of Hi Lite Magic all look the same when you see them in their dispensers, but when you apply them on dark surfaces you can see their different metallic colours come to life. Hi-lite works better on dark surfaces. When this product is formulated according to fabric, it takes the name Hi Lite Magic Metallic Fabric paint. İt is wonderful for black surfaces, and works fabulously well on denim and jeans.

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Our products contain 30% recycled materials.
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FM-1229 GOLD
FM-1349 RED

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High quality, water based special effect metallic fabric paint. It is designed to cover dark backgrounds with light application. The hi-lites are practically transparent on light colors and show up beautifully on dark ones. Fabric is first of all washed and dried. Ironing is required in order to make a permanent bond to the fabric. 1 day after application, iron for 5 minutes for fixing. Shake well. No thinning. Intermixable colors. Cleans up easily with soap and water. Non toxic. Certified by EN 71 & CE.

How to apply?

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